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  • Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Zabelina

Sasha was born in Moscow, Russia, but started traveling and living in different countries when she turned 8. After traveling so much and exploring different cultures, she realized that she is interested in many things and did not want to limit herself to just one. She has a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations, a Masters in Marketing and Communications from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and is currently completing a Personal Enrichment program in the Academy of Art University in Graphic Design, Web Design, and Motion Pictures and Television. She has experience working in big corporations as well as small companies, her work experience includes working as a Journalist, a PR Manager, a Logistics Manager, and even a Stylist on photo shoots. She loves Techno music and Italo Disco and coming up with new ideas.

  • Christine Creamer

Christine E. Creamer is an attorney and consultant with RK ADLER LLP. She focuses on copyright, trademark, media, and internet law. Christine represents fashion, fashion technology, and new media startups, helping to manage their intellectual property portfolios and protect their brand name as they grow. Clients include online documentary companies, branded entertainment companies, fashion brands, prominent bloggers, hospitality companies, filmmakers and individual creatives.

  • Emily Harris

Emily Harris is a Journalist and the Journalism Accelerator editorial director. Her areas of expertise are: News/Publishing, public radio, talk radio, international reporting, online community, Pacific Northwest. Contact Emily at: Linkedin @ and Twitter @

  • Lili Balfour

Lili Balfour is the founder of Atelier Advisors.  Atelier Advisors was founded by Lili Balfour in 2007 to provide strategic and financial advisory services to early-stage companies committed to changing the world. Over the past five years, Atelier has worked with over 100 companies, ranging from technology (Visual IQ, Sustainable Minds, Alpha Theory and Firescope) to consumer goods (Peeled Snacks, Duchess Marden, and PeaceKeeper Causemetics). Atelier’s motto is ‘Rethink Investment Banking.’ The firm was built on the belief that all companies, regardless of stage, should benefit from high level investment banking services.

Lili brings 20 years of investment industry experience — ranging from technology M&A to early-stage private placements – to early-stage client engagements. She believes that knowledge is power and arms her clients with the tools they need to win. Lili was listed in Femmenomics’ 50 Women to Watch in Tech List  and serves as a pro bono advisor to Inner City Advisors and Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable. You can read Atelier’s thoughts on raising capital, building a profitable company and exiting with a win here

Peter Hopkins is a self-taught photographer with a background in visual art, primarily painting. He was always encouraged to be an artist by his mother who was a painter and teacher and his grand father, Rudolph Sternad, who was an art director and production designer with Stanley Kramer, and an Academy Award nominee. Peter began taking photos with the intention of gathering subject material for paintings, but discovered during this time that he was speaking the language of photography, having always been drawn to movie stills, dramatic compositions, obscure angles, as well as the amazing color and style of high fashion. Peter’s goal as a photographer is to find the balance between the spontaneity of street culture and the calculated performance of the studio and stage, relying on authenticity to link them together in a cohesive and magnetic presentation for the viewer. His work is, at times, cinematic , solitary, moody, yet vibrant, colorful and questioning. Peter is a native of San Francisco and has lived in L.A., Hawaii, and South America.

Mike has been involved in both technology and fashion for the past two decades.  He is a frequent speaker at tech conferences such as Dreamforce, Silicon Valley hackathons and code camps and numerous others.  His fashion and style inspiration came from growing up in Europe and later on being involved in runway and catalog modeling.  You can follow mike at@mikebz and also subscribe to his technology blog here:

Owen Geronimo is the CEO/ Founder of San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance, Inc. Fashion+TechSF, Dapperhood, Fashion Startups, Fashion+TechNY, GreenStreetSF and the Creative Director and Producer of San Francisco Fashion Week ™ & SFFashion.TV. He’s the publicist of Fashion Bloggers Connect and numerous emerging fashion designers & curates both Digital Fashion News and Moda Cinema & mentors StyleSquadSF. San Francisco Fashion Awards 2011 Winner: Best Marketing. San Francisco Fashion Awards 2010/2011/2012 Winner: Best Producer.

Raphaelle Loren is the co-founder of Innovation Management Institute. She is passionate about transforming healthcare through tech, design, and marketing innovation. She leads the Health Practice for Innovation Management Institute, and occasionally gets involved on other projects. Gameferences have been the Institute’s primary method of driving collaboration and teaching advanced innovation methodologies and design tools. Follow her on Twitter at@rloren.

Robert is the CFO of SFFAMA, Editorial Director for both Fashion For The People and Fashion+TechSF, and Executive Producer of San Francisco Fashion Week™. Previously, Robert was a director in consumer and business technology for private and public corporations in Silicon Valley, in strategic business operations for Sony Corporation in Japan, Europe and North America, and in international field marketing with LVMH | Thomas Pink in Europe during business school. Robert graduated from Brown University with a degree in International Relations and Economics and a subconcentration in Art and Semiotics. He received his MBA from INSEAD in New Ventures, Entrepreneurship, and General Management.


  • Armand Smith
  • Dane Golden
  • Dario Smith
  • Del Geronimo
  • Karina Salehi
  • Kristina Hontalas
  • Lexie Tiongson
  • Shaun Tiangsing
  • Yiying Lu
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