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Pitch at SXSW V2Venture 2014

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The San Francisco Bay Area did a great job at the recent SXSW Accelerator pitch competition in Austin. Overall, out of 500 global applications, 30% of finalists in all categories were from SF and 38% in the Wearable Tech category. San Francisco startups Skully Helmets and Thrive On ended up winning the Wearable Tech and Health Tech categories. The next great showcase opportunity is the SXSW V2Venture startup pitch competition – submission deadline is this Friday 4/11/2014. SXSW V2Venture takes place in Las Vegas this July. Visit to enter today.

Fashion Tech Week 2014 #FTW14

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[SAN FRANCISCO] San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance, Inc. (SFFAMA) announces Fashion Tech Week 2014 February 24 – March 2, 2014.


FASHION TECH WEEK #FTW14 [ ] represents the new vanguard in the convergence of fashion, technology and innovation, as the most pivotal fashion week platform to watch from the innovation and creative capital of the world – San Francisco. See Week Schedule ]

FASHION TECH WEEK includes a Press and VIP Opening Reception, SF Fashion Lab: Fashion Pitch Competition, Dapperhood SF | Silicon Valley Men’s Style Event, WearTechCon: WearableTech Demo Night, Project SF: The Art of Fashion, Retail Tech Summit: The Future of Retail Tech , and Fashion Bloggers Connect with SHE Talks Forum – all featuring fashion, design and technology brands, startups and thought leaders, showcasing leading developments from all sectors of the World’s Leading Fashion Tech, Retail Tech and Wearable Tech Eco-system right here in San Francisco.

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Technology is Disrupting Fashion Mike Borozdin

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Article by: Mike Borozdin

Todays fashion trends are not set on the runway. They spread far outside of New York and LA through social media. Fashionistas get real time information on the go on their phones and tablets. The space has been ripe for disrupting for some time and finally companies like POPSUGAR are creating platforms to unleash innovation.

The first scenario is of course… shopping! POPSUGAR’s ShopStyle API allows you to query millions of merchants for items, colors and sales. Peter Ma and I decided to create a mobile application using the API and were pleasantly surprised at how deep ShopStyle’s platform functionality extended at launch.

There were still some rough edges, for instance signing up for a developer account required human intervention, but we were able to put together a complete app and demonstrate it on an android phone.

At Disrupt Hackathon, we only saw one Fashion API provider, but I bet as the apps catch on we will see more different kinds of offerings. Most importantly we feel like San Francisco is finally making a dent in the fashion world in it’s own way. It’s not by becoming another NYC or LA, but by adding it’s own expertise to the crowded space of trend setters.

About Mike Borozdin:
Mike Borozdin has been involved in fashion and technology for a long time. You can find him on twitter @mikebz and his technology blog here:

WearTechCon to Launch with a Demo Night at Twitter/Runway


Wearable Tech: New Products, Demos and Apps [WearTechCon]. An evening to engage with wearable tech startups, creators,
inventors, entrepreneurs and industrial designers in the fashion/tech industry at Twitter/Runway on May 03, 2013.
Featuring: Agota Hodi, Alphyn Industries, Annamarta Dostourian, Biagio Scarpello, Body Media, Emoki, Esteban Salazar,
Fashion Bloggers Connect, Fiverun, Future Tech Wear, Hackafore, Murat Ozcan, Holy Stitch, Qoture, Metal Weave Designs,
Ocean Fashion Limited, Rodrigo Trujillo, Scotty Gorham, Sensoree, Sonas Denim, The Rear Pocket, Trego, VSXNSTA…

With Fashion+TechSF, Fashion Tech Accelerator & SFFAMA as community partners and StudioBooth321 as the media sponsor.

WearTechCon group is for wearable tech professionals, industrial designers, R&D groups, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to engage in the fashion/tech field through product presentations and workshops. Product engineers/designers, 3D printing professionals, researchers, gamers, crafters, tinkerers, inventors, gadget creators and/or tech artists engaged with mixed prototyping to converge fashion & technology who add digital dimension to their works by fusing advanced materials such as etextiles, wearable computers, robotics, circuitries, ambient intelligence, etc. and clothing technology for practical applications of augmented reality, bio-mimicry, performance enhancements, etc. and the development of future directions for fashion design and industry.

Fashion Tech Week 2013: Project San Francisco Runway Presentation (recap) on Twitter

Project SF FTW13 litjacket

Fashion Tech Week 2013: Project San Francisco Runway Presentation (recap) on Twitter. Fashion Tech Week 2013 Project San Francisco Runway Presentation (recap) on Twitter – Charles Henry Co.’s auto body garage is venue for Project San Francisco deconstructed future fashion and wearable technology designs - DEFINE Wines V. 2011 Exotic Rosé – Napa Valley Syrah meets Red Hills Grenache – presented by Napa Valley’s youngest rising start-up star David James -

San Francisco Urban Prototyping the Arts, Open Data, Civic Participation and Corporate Innovation

Up Festival 2

San Francisco hosted the second UP Festival (Urban Prototyping) last year that looked at the role of the arts, design and technology as tools for civic participation and the efficacy and success of private/public collaborations and startups creating new businesses and growth opportunities from the increasing availability of open data sets. The Up Festival travels and first launched in Singapore looking at mobile applications and healthcare innovation. A great San Francisco example of commercial application of open government data is Movity, now part of just-went-public Trulia, which crunches the numbers on open data sets and hyper-local geodata on crime, noise, pricing, etc. to produce a unique value proposition for the real estate industry.

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