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WearTechCon to Launch with a Demo Night at Twitter/Runway


Wearable Tech: New Products, Demos and Apps [WearTechCon]. An evening to engage with wearable tech startups, creators,
inventors, entrepreneurs and industrial designers in the fashion/tech industry at Twitter/Runway on May 03, 2013.
Featuring: Agota Hodi, Alphyn Industries, Annamarta Dostourian, Biagio Scarpello, Body Media, Emoki, Esteban Salazar,
Fashion Bloggers Connect, Fiverun, Future Tech Wear, Hackafore, Murat Ozcan, Holy Stitch, Qoture, Metal Weave Designs,
Ocean Fashion Limited, Rodrigo Trujillo, Scotty Gorham, Sensoree, Sonas Denim, The Rear Pocket, Trego, VSXNSTA…

With Fashion+TechSF, Fashion Tech Accelerator & SFFAMA as community partners and StudioBooth321 as the media sponsor.

WearTechCon group is for wearable tech professionals, industrial designers, R&D groups, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to engage in the fashion/tech field through product presentations and workshops. Product engineers/designers, 3D printing professionals, researchers, gamers, crafters, tinkerers, inventors, gadget creators and/or tech artists engaged with mixed prototyping to converge fashion & technology who add digital dimension to their works by fusing advanced materials such as etextiles, wearable computers, robotics, circuitries, ambient intelligence, etc. and clothing technology for practical applications of augmented reality, bio-mimicry, performance enhancements, etc. and the development of future directions for fashion design and industry.

FashionTechPR to Launch FASHION TECH WEEK 2013

Fashion Tech Week 2013


Sensing The Possibilities – Intel® Future Contest

Intel has partnered with Hyve, the German open innovation company, to hold a global online co-creation contestthe contest invites people anywhere to use their imagination and present innovative ideas that embody a new sensing technology. Imagine five years into the future, and you have on you (or with you) a very small device that can see and hear, as well as remember and understand, everything around you. The question is simply: how should this ground-breaking technology best be used?

The contest is open to everyone, whether technology experts, students, science fiction fans, designers, self-appointed inventors, scientists or practical thinkers.

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What’s Happens At A Gameference (The Intersection Of Fashion And Technology)

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A gameference is an unforgettable, face-to-face game full of discovery, creativity, and unexpected twists.

By Raphaelle Loren (Co-Founder, Innovation Management Institute)

The first Future of Fashion Gameference took place last Saturday as part of San Francisco Fashion Week. Almost a week later, I haven’t fully recovered yet! We were all punch-drunk from the energy, good vibes and amazing future-of-fashion concepts that the teams were able to concoct in less than one day!

At the world-premiere Future of Fashion Gameference, we played with existing trends such as 3D body scanning, virtual fitting rooms, real-time fabric printing, and new e-commerce models. Teams co-designed new customer retail experiences, created prototypes of a fashion line, and explored supporting business models.

Fashion designers, entrepreneurs, MBA students, graphic designers, filmmakers, 3D engineers, roboticists, marketers, and futurists were the players – an amazing gathering of talented people only possible thanks to SF Fashion Week and

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Creating Digital Art: Beautiful Traps QR Code Art Project

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[ Source: Yiying Lu ]

Featuring 7 carnivorous plants: Rafflesia Arnoldii, Sundew, Voodoo Lily, Venus Flytrap, Sarracenia Leucophylla, Nepenthes Truncata and Nepenthes Rafflesianaan.

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Huffington Post: Yiying Lu’s ‘Beautiful Traps’ Shows Stunning QR Code Art (VIDEO)

Mashable: Painted QR Code Shows the Beauty Behind the Trend (VIDEO)

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Meets Obsession QR Code Fashion Illustration

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Fashion Illustrations commissioned by US fashion and culture magazine Meets Obsession‘s “10 Most Intriguing in Fashion” feature story, which will profile ten notable names in fashion who have made the industry’s most intriguing headlines this year. Each of these “Most Intriguing” illustrations for Meets Obsession include an embedded Quick Response (QR) code, that once scanned with a mobile device, will reveal the name of the Fashion Icon, Artist name as well as a web address where users learn further information of this project, as well as get a physical copy of the Meets Obsession magazine online.

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