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Interesting Startups at StartupMonthly

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(Source: Pop17/ Photos by: Owen Geronimo)

San Francisco remains the main destination for startups, so there are a lot of events held which help bring the startup community together, one of them was the StartupMonthly Party which took place at One Ferry Plaza on October 19th. The venue was pretty big and filled with interesting people, such as entrepreneurs, investors and professionals with interesting startup ideas, which I will review in this article.

When arriving I was surprised how casual everyone was, very approachable and communicative, so talking to people there did not feel awkward. People were professional, yet not too corporate, which made it actually interesting and informative, some were even showing off their moves on the dance floor, but that is a different story.

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SOLZ, Solar Bag

SOLZ, Solar Bag is a sponsored project of SFFAMA.

From the team that brought you SOLZ shoes.

We are proud to announce the pre-launch of our newest functional fashion product “SOLZbag”, a solar powered backpack that functions as a personal portable power station. The bag is designed with three 1.5-watt solar panels that will give a total of 4.5 watt charge to a removable lithium-ion battery; the battery is versatile and also can be charged by a computer or any power source available. Once the battery is charged, it can be connected to almost any small personal electronic device using a variety of power adaptors that come with it. The bag also includes a front pocket, specially designed to hold a pair of SOLZshoes. The bag contains a dedicated padded laptop or tablet sleeve and an additional sunglass and accessory pocket.

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Why Water Less™ Jeans – Interview with Levi’s® Designer

Levi’s® Designer Carl Chiara tells about the process behind the brand’s new WaterLess collection.

Buying Back the Bombs: a peaceBOMB documentary

Witness the story of peaceBOMB: bracelets made from Vietnam War bombs. Learn about the Laotian artisans who make them and take action. Just by wearing a peaceBOMB bracelet you support artisan livelihoods, raise awareness about the ‘Secret War’ in Laos during Vietnam and the efforts of NGOs advocating to ban the use of cluster munitions. Learn more about products for peace at:

TreeHugger talks with SxSW Eco’s Scott Wilcox

TreeHugger’s Jerry James Stone talks with SxSW CTO Scott Wilcox about the first SxSW Eco conference.

Eco Fashion: Air Purifying Fabric

Eco Fashion: An Air Purifying Fabric. A photocatalyst on the surface of the fabric breaks down airborne pollutants when it’s exposed to light, resolving them into harmless chemicals that slough off in the wash.