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Nike Announces Nike+ Accelerator, Powered By TechStars, To “Fuel” Nike+ Innovation

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Nike has just announced its first Nike+ Accelerator program, powered by TechStars, aimed at cultivating companies interested in leveraging Nike+ technology.

TechStars will provide the accelerator model, which has managed to raise $275 million in venture capital for its graduates over the past six years of operation. The program begins in March.

In case you’re still in the dark, Nike+ is Nike’s array of digital products, including the Nike+ fitness tracking app, along with various hardware like the Nike FuelBand.

The program will last three months, with the accelerator located just outside Nike’s World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Mentors like Nike’s Vice President of Digital Sport Stefan Olander, TechStars founder David Cohen, and Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai will guide 10 companies in creating products using the Nike+ API and SDK. Obviously, almost all of these products will be focused on physical training, coaching, exercise and sports in general.

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Sensing The Possibilities – Intel® Future Contest

Intel has partnered with Hyve, the German open innovation company, to hold a global online co-creation contestthe contest invites people anywhere to use their imagination and present innovative ideas that embody a new sensing technology. Imagine five years into the future, and you have on you (or with you) a very small device that can see and hear, as well as remember and understand, everything around you. The question is simply: how should this ground-breaking technology best be used?

The contest is open to everyone, whether technology experts, students, science fiction fans, designers, self-appointed inventors, scientists or practical thinkers.

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San Francisco Fashion Week ® 2012: Future of Fashion Gameference [Attendees] #sffw12 #sffw #fashiontechsf

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 [Photos by: Owen Geronimo]

  • Teams were formed as participants played a multi-level game …through which potential futures of fashion design and retail startups were explored while competing to develop future fashion lines, shopping experiences, and more! Future of Fashion Gameference is not just for Fashion Designers. It benefits …Retail + Merchandising Pros E-Commerce + M-Commerce Trailblazers, Entrepreneurs + Technology Innovators, 3D Artists + Virtual-Fitting-Room Gurus Game Creators + User Experience Designers, Robotics and Just-in-Time Manufacturing Inventors, Anyone who loves Fashion and wants to shape the future!

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It’s Time to Change Your Pants: Alphyn Industries Launches the Delta415 Premium Jeans

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SAN FRANCISCO CLOTHING COMPANY REINVENTS  THE ORIGINAL BLUE JEAN FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE: DELTA415                                                                                                                                                                                    

  •  It’s Time to Change Your Pants: Alphyn Industries Launches the Delta415 Premium Jeans

(June – 2012) – Tech-fashion brand, Alphyn Industries has launched a new line of premium denim, which will revolutionize the way consumers interact with their smartphones. The Delta415 Premium Jeans are made of advanced materials designed to improve 21st century urban lifestyle. The stylishly intuitive smart jean is the latest product in the WEARCOM™ line. The WEARCOM™ technology gives the wearer the ability to use a smart device within the garment without physically holding it.

The patented Wearcom™ pocket (3 x 5 inch / 7.6 x 12.7cm) is made of durable polymer film to allow for complete interactivity with any touch screen device.  A buttonhole above the genuine leather film edge opens into the front pocket for threading headphones/mic wire into right pant pocket. The zippered pocket cover provides a discrete look, secure and easy retrieval, and full usability of the smartphone while sitting down.

The Jeans are handmade in San Francisco, California, the heartland of Silicon Valley and the birthplace of blue jeans. They are made from 100% cotton denim and organic cotton pockets.  The dedicated device pocket gives the wearer’s smartphone the safe functional home it deserves as the wearer navigates the urban stratosphere and makes things happen.

“We test and use the best materials because we know it is what our customers expect” said, Ben Raviv, CEO of Alphyn. Alphyn draws on the tradition of bringing military technologies to the public and redefining civilian culture.

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STYLEYOU at Ford’s Go Further Private Opening Party

StyleYou APP ( ). Have you ever wanted to take a stylist home with you to help you pick out clothes that actually work for your body??

Well now you can! StyleYou is developing a STYLE APP for your iPhone. This is how the app works — after having you and your clothes photographed, the app will have a LIBRARY of photos of your own clothes, and through the magic of very smart people who can do very amazing things with technology, the app will be able to put outfits together for you based on your body type, your mood, and the weather. It sounds too good to be true, right? Remember the movie Clueless from the 90s? — StyleYou is basically Cher’s computer closet updated for 2012!


The Lytro Camera

Brian Tong checks out Lytro’s new revolutionary digital camera, which has an infinite focus and a unique design.