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Shock-Proof iPad & iPhone Cases | G-Form

San Francisco Fashion Week ® 2012: Future of Fashion Gameference [Attendees] #sffw12 #sffw #fashiontechsf

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 [Photos by: Owen Geronimo]

  • Teams were formed as participants played a multi-level game …through which potential futures of fashion design and retail startups were explored while competing to develop future fashion lines, shopping experiences, and more! Future of Fashion Gameference is not just for Fashion Designers. It benefits …Retail + Merchandising Pros E-Commerce + M-Commerce Trailblazers, Entrepreneurs + Technology Innovators, 3D Artists + Virtual-Fitting-Room Gurus Game Creators + User Experience Designers, Robotics and Just-in-Time Manufacturing Inventors, Anyone who loves Fashion and wants to shape the future!

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It’s Time to Change Your Pants: Alphyn Industries Launches the Delta415 Premium Jeans

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SAN FRANCISCO CLOTHING COMPANY REINVENTS  THE ORIGINAL BLUE JEAN FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE: DELTA415                                                                                                                                                                                    

  •  It’s Time to Change Your Pants: Alphyn Industries Launches the Delta415 Premium Jeans

(June – 2012) – Tech-fashion brand, Alphyn Industries has launched a new line of premium denim, which will revolutionize the way consumers interact with their smartphones. The Delta415 Premium Jeans are made of advanced materials designed to improve 21st century urban lifestyle. The stylishly intuitive smart jean is the latest product in the WEARCOM™ line. The WEARCOM™ technology gives the wearer the ability to use a smart device within the garment without physically holding it.

The patented Wearcom™ pocket (3 x 5 inch / 7.6 x 12.7cm) is made of durable polymer film to allow for complete interactivity with any touch screen device.  A buttonhole above the genuine leather film edge opens into the front pocket for threading headphones/mic wire into right pant pocket. The zippered pocket cover provides a discrete look, secure and easy retrieval, and full usability of the smartphone while sitting down.

The Jeans are handmade in San Francisco, California, the heartland of Silicon Valley and the birthplace of blue jeans. They are made from 100% cotton denim and organic cotton pockets.  The dedicated device pocket gives the wearer’s smartphone the safe functional home it deserves as the wearer navigates the urban stratosphere and makes things happen.

“We test and use the best materials because we know it is what our customers expect” said, Ben Raviv, CEO of Alphyn. Alphyn draws on the tradition of bringing military technologies to the public and redefining civilian culture.

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A Fashion Startup Goes Viral

Divya Gugnani, co-founder of fashion site Send the Trend, tells how she built a social business with about 200,000 Facebook fans in less than a year.

No Joke. BustedTees Drives Holiday Sales

CollegeHumor co-founder Josh Abramson moves onto his next venture: BustedTees.

Halston’s Glow In The Dark Dress

Halston’s Glow in The Dark Dress

Evoke the glamour of Studio 54 with a directional twist in Halston’s sequined glow-in-the-dark dress. Under the spotlight this asymmetric style is sure to make an impact, but switch the lights off to really turn heads.

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