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#FASHIONTECH Roundup : Emerging Startups

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Join our next #FashionTech roundup. Participating startups will present their emerging fashion/tech product. A professional panel will provide business critiques and the audience is also welcome to offer feedback to the presenting startups. Attend this workshop and meet our new members, possible collaborators and future team mates. >>> RSVP HERE !

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eCommerce for Fashion Industry : Fashion+Tech Startups & Online Resources

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Technology is now undeniably the driving force in fashion and retail industries. Without the right tech tools, strategies and connections, emerging startups struggle to establish themselves and, due to enormous competition, fail to standout and gain market acceptance. With nationwide chapters in NY,LASF and Silicon ValleyFashion Tech Media LLC has become a valuable resource for emerging fashion startups nationwide. The Founders hold advisory board positions at SXSW Accelerator programs and are recognized internationally for their knowledge and expertise in the fashion/tech and innovation sectors.

Fashion+TechSF, the original fashion/tech event series in San Francisco, launched in 2009 and remains the go-to resource for all things business of fashion and technology in the SF Bay Area – connecting fashion industry entrepreneurs and professionals to the networks and resources of the largest fashion industry organization in California – San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance, Inc. [SFFAMA]. In addition, Fashion Tech Media LLC produces the innovative strategic development programs Retail+Tech SummitWearTechConFashion+Tech ExpoFashion+Tech Week and SFFashionLab.

Learn about emerging fashion technologies, meet fashion tech founders and fashion industry professionals in a small format workshop setting. Who should attend: fashion designers, fashion students, bloggers, manufacturers, retailers, app developers, beauty professionals, stylists and fashion enthusiasts.

#WearTechCon The Design of Wearable Technology

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Wearable technology, as a new application environment for electronic and computing devices of all kinds, presents many new challenges to designers. The fields of human-computer interaction and functional wearability must each address new problems in the design of wearable technology. Wearable technology also introduces new social concerns, as it can mediate the ways in which an individual is perceived by others, interacts with others, and manages his/her own physical space. Because the field of wearable technology is very new, the design of wearable technology is still relatively unexplored. The dominant design culture in current wearable technology research, that of electrical engineering and computer science, is unused to addressing variables related to the human body, mind, and social interaction. Good design choices for wearable technology depend on understanding and acknowledging the wide array of interdisciplinary variables that affect user interaction with a wearable device. [Source: Cornell University ] #WearTechCon The Design of Wearable Technology RSVP HERE! 

RETAIL TECH SUMMIT: Core Values, Design Innovation & Consumer Experience

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RETAIL TECH SUMMIT: “Core Values, Design Innovation & the New Relevant Consumer Experience” Retail Founders and Executives Panel for SF Design Week 2014

(June 11, 2014 – SAN FRANCISCO) San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance Inc. is pleased to announce Retail Tech Summit for SF Design Week 2014 on June 16th 6-9pm, where we’ll look at how San Francisco’s leading public policy initiatives on Sustainability, Transparency, Accessibility and The Share Economy can translate into compelling business models for retail with a Retail Founders and Executives Panel “Core Values, Design Innovation & the New Relevant Consumer Experience” to be held at General Assembly – The Hattery, 414 Brannan Street, on Monday, June 16th, 2014. Doors open at 6pm. Tickets can be purchased online for $10-$20 – and at the door subject to availability

“Core Values, Design Innovation & the New Relevant Consumer Experience” San Francisco has been named the Greenest City in North America and the Innovation Capital of the World. For San Francisco Design Week 2014, Retail Tech Summit will explore how San Francisco’s leading public policy initiatives of Sustainability, Transparency, Accessibility and The Share Economy can translate into core-value-driven design innovation, compelling business models and new relevancy in consumer experience for an emerging crop of highly successful Bay Area retail startups.

In the modern retail landscape, where the promise of technology and retail is the ability to have anything-anytime-anywhere, brands and business must continue to differentiate. We’ll talk with a panel of startup founders and execs about core-value-driven design, retail innovation and the benefits for consumers, brands and businesses alike.

Retail Founders and Executives Panelists include: Rakesh Tondon, Co-founder and CEO, LE TOTE; Tristan Pollock, Co-founder and COO, Storefront; Christoph Frehsee, Co-founder and CEO, Amour Vert. Moderator: Robert Burns Nixon, CFO,SFFAMA / Executive Producer, San Francisco Fashion Week.

For Media Relations and Sponsorship Inquiries, please contact Owen Geronimo at

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FASHION BUSINESS SERIES: Why San Francisco? Fashion Founder Stories + Local Resources

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Why San Francisco? Fashion Founder Stories + Local Resources

If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. But why make it in New York when you can make it in San Francisco? This special presentation will seek to answer that question by moderating a panel of prominent San Francisco based fashion founders who will tell you why they founded their companies in the city by the bay.


  1. Andy Pandharikar / VP, Innovation / Myntra /
  2. Mira Picket / Owner / Mira Mira /
  3. Myriam Joire / Product Evangelist /
  4. Rakesh Tondon / CEO / LeTote /
  5. Ryan E. Long Esq. [Moderator] / Long & Associates /



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Fashion Tech Week 2014 #FTW14

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[SAN FRANCISCO] San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance, Inc. (SFFAMA) announces Fashion Tech Week 2014 February 24 – March 2, 2014.


FASHION TECH WEEK #FTW14 [ ] represents the new vanguard in the convergence of fashion, technology and innovation, as the most pivotal fashion week platform to watch from the innovation and creative capital of the world – San Francisco. See Week Schedule ]

FASHION TECH WEEK includes a Press and VIP Opening Reception, SF Fashion Lab: Fashion Pitch Competition, Dapperhood SF | Silicon Valley Men’s Style Event, WearTechCon: WearableTech Demo Night, Project SF: The Art of Fashion, Retail Tech Summit: The Future of Retail Tech , and Fashion Bloggers Connect with SHE Talks Forum – all featuring fashion, design and technology brands, startups and thought leaders, showcasing leading developments from all sectors of the World’s Leading Fashion Tech, Retail Tech and Wearable Tech Eco-system right here in San Francisco.

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