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APPLY to SXSW Accelerator 2015 – Deadline Nov. 07th, 2014

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APPLY to SXSW Accelerator 2015 ….Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your emerging technology product or service in front of industry leaders by participating in the 2015 SXSW Accelerator. This event takes place on March 14th and 15th as a part of the SXSW Interactive Festival, during which you can improve your product launch, attract venture capitalists, polish your elevator pitch, receive media exposure, build brand awareness, network, socialize and experience all that SXSW Interactive has to offer. The deadline to register is Friday, November 7th,,,, 2 weeks away, so visit : today. [Referred by: Owen Geronimo]

Fashion Bloggers Connect : STYLE & BEAUTY Series [San Francisco Fashion Week ® 2014] #SFFW14

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Fashion Bloggers Connect is an exclusive talent collective and a fashion marketing event series based out of San Francisco representing fashion and style bloggers worldwide. READ #SFFW14 Press Release. See #SFFW14 Week Schedule/ RSVP or Purchase Tickets. Join MeetupRSVP TO ATTEND! 

RETAIL TECH SUMMIT [San Francisco Fashion Week ® 2014] #SFFW14

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RETAIL TECH SUMMIT and Retail Tech Innovation Ecosystem Development for San Francisco

The entire retail industry, given its historical and economic importance for America and its GDP, has an enormous legacy infrastructure which means that, contrary to other technology sectors, most retail tech startups will necessarily have to work in some capacity with established industry players just to get started. We feel that this mandatory engagement between retail tech startups and the established retail industry provides a unique opportunity to develop a third innovation paradigm through establishing an ongoing, structured and systematic interaction program of large-organization intra-preneurial with independent entrepreneurial development activities – and possible new investment paradigms by the retail industry to fund promising retail tech startups beyond the standard build or buy decision scenario. San Francisco has the most developed startup industry, leading in all the critical resource areas, and we believe San Francisco is the ideal place for this new innovation paradigm development work to take place – we are looking at the groundwork to turn the entire City of San Francisco into a retail incubator as a public/private partnership with the City and industry. RSVP HERE! 

FASHION TECH EXPO [ San Francisco Fashion Week ® 2014 ] #SFFW14

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Technology is an integral aspect of the fashion industry. FASHION TECH EXPO feature developers, mobile apps, wearable tech products, fashion startups, local apparel designers and retailers under one roof. We connect startups to early adopters and product users. Attendees will be able to demo new tech products, witness product presentations and network with designers, startups, entrepreneurs, fashion/tech professionals, media & fashion enthusiasts.

#WEARTECHCON: Art+Design of Wearable Tech Startups – Design of Wearables Series

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#WEARTECHCON is a think tank group for wearable tech professionals, industrial designers, R&D groups, entrepreneurs, VC’s and enthusiasts to engage in the wearable tech field through forums, expositions, product presentations and workshops. Product engineers/designers, 3D printing professionals, Glass developers, Android Wear developers, researchers, makers, gamers, crafters, tinkerers, inventors, gadget creators and/or tech artists engaged with mixed prototyping to converge fashion & technology who add digital dimension to their works by fusing advanced materials such as etextiles or smart fabrics, wearable computers, robotics, virtual reality, circuitries, ambient intelligence and clothing technology for practical applications of augmented reality, bio-mimicry, performance enhancements and the development of future directions for wearable design and creative tech industry. …. RSVP HERE !!!

eCommerce for Fashion Industry : Fashion+Tech Startups & Online Resources

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Technology is now undeniably the driving force in fashion and retail industries. Without the right tech tools, strategies and connections, emerging startups struggle to establish themselves and, due to enormous competition, fail to standout and gain market acceptance. With nationwide chapters in NY,LASF and Silicon ValleyFashion Tech Media LLC has become a valuable resource for emerging fashion startups nationwide. The Founders hold advisory board positions at SXSW Accelerator programs and are recognized internationally for their knowledge and expertise in the fashion/tech and innovation sectors.

Fashion+TechSF, the original fashion/tech event series in San Francisco, launched in 2009 and remains the go-to resource for all things business of fashion and technology in the SF Bay Area – connecting fashion industry entrepreneurs and professionals to the networks and resources of the largest fashion industry organization in California – San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance, Inc. [SFFAMA]. In addition, Fashion Tech Media LLC produces the innovative strategic development programs Retail+Tech SummitWearTechConFashion+Tech ExpoFashion+Tech Week and SFFashionLab.

Learn about emerging fashion technologies, meet fashion tech founders and fashion industry professionals in a small format workshop setting. Who should attend: fashion designers, fashion students, bloggers, manufacturers, retailers, app developers, beauty professionals, stylists and fashion enthusiasts.