Fashion & Green Series: 7 Questions With Kara Ashe of GoVee

SFFAMA: Tell us about yourself and what you do.

Kara Ashe: I am the San Francisco Green Fashion Examiner for, I publish a veg blog, and I have begun independent public relations consulting for the Bay Area green fashion and beauty industries. Before moving to the Bay Area, I did nonprofit sales and business development on the east coast.

Why is eco – fashion important?

Kara Ashe: Fashion, as an entity, has penetrated every facet of our society. It’s important for something so powerful, so pervasive, and therefore so potentially damaging, to have an eco-friendly offset. People need to know they have a choice and ability to express their style, and to enjoy the luxuries of fashion, while making less of a negative impact on an increasingly fragile environment.

Explain to us how you apply eco products or sustainability to your design (or your product/services)?

Kara Ashe:
 Everything I’m involved in is eco-centric. shares vegan and vegetarian recipes, and offers news and tips promoting a stylish and cruelty free lifestyle. On, I share the region’s green fashion resources— events, designers and businesses— with readers looking to “green” their style. I am passionate about using my pr and communication skills to build exposure for local fashion and beauty companies, their green products, and their events. Beyond that, most of what I do is web based—how much greener could you get?

Who is your target market and why?

Kara Ashe:
 I aim to reach the eco-conscious and eco-curious alike. I want to be a regular resource for those living the “green” life, and I hopefully provide inspiration to those moving in a greener direction.

 How has the green movement changed today’s society?

Kara Ashe:
 Whether or not they know it, people have become more sensitive to the environment, and the impact daily habits make—whether or not they consider their own. The green movement has gone from being a trend to a part of society so penetrating that it can’t be ignored.

How do you see the green movement in the future? Where is it heading?

Kara Ashe: 
At a ground level, more people are going green, and corporations are rapidly “greening” in response. Businesses respond to the demands of their consumers, and at this point too many people care about how their actions and purchases affect their bodies, and the environment, to be ignored. I’m not saying that in the next five years the green movement will have saved the world, but it is becoming a permanent fixture, a legitimized lifestyle option, and a factor in business decisions.
SFFAMA: How do you educate the public about eco-fashion (or your product)?

Kara Ashe:
 I write about the green fashions that interest me, and then I promote them using social media. If I’m consulting on PR, I will happily spread the word about my green clients to every relevant media outlet and reporter that will listen. Fashion is fun and sexy, and “eco” is in, so it’s not exactly a hard sell.


Kara Ashe is currently establishing a fashion public relations consultancy firm as  means of combining her passions for fashion and media management. While currently focusing on public relations, her background is a mix of execution marketing and business development/sales, with a focus on client attainment, management and retention. She’s the publisher of, a blog dedicated to food and lifestyle updates for vegans and vegetarians. She is an active member of SFFAMA.

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