8 Questions. Fashion & Tech Series with Julie Chiem of She Wears, She Shares

SFFAMA: Tell us about yourself and what you do.

JC:   I’m Julie Chiem and I run She Wears, She Shares, a style blog where I post my daily outfits and pieces I’m currently inspired by. I always use to bookmark every item, image or artwork that was appealing to me, but would never refer back to it. It just became a long forgotten list. Starting a blog allowed me to deposit all my images into one spot which made it easier in a visual sense.

SFFAMA: Where do you see fashion and technology heading? 

JC:   Consumers want to consolidate their lives in the easiest way they possibly can. Because of this constant demand we continue to see advancements in technology. I foresee everyone accessing everything they need on a cell phone that also acts as a remote control. Except all applications will be broadcast through a holographic screen split into various windows. Watching runway shows real time and e-shopping all at once. As for how this will happen, who knows but with technology anything is possible.

SFFAMA: Why is technology important in the fashion world? 

JC:   Technology is ever changing and so is Fashion. Just like how we want the latest gadget, we also want access to the latest trends and looks straight from the runway. It’s all about being up to date and receiving information with the blink of an eye. Whatever makes life efficient and convenient. It’s only right for the 2 to keep up with each other.

SFFAMA: What tech gadget can’t you live without? What do you use it for?

JC:   My blackberry or any smartphone for that matter. Email, internet, phone, music, blogging real time all fused into one little device. What’s not to love? It’s almost a second skin to me. I’d feel naked without it.

SFFAMA: What fashion item can’t you live without, and why?

JC:   It would have to be my vintage Chanel bag. They don’t make them like they use to. A dark navy exterior, but could pass as black. It’s lined in burgundy with the perfect gold linked chains. Though a little beaten up, it’s the best hand me down ever. Coco always knew how the ladies liked it.

SFFAMA: Who do you think is the most influential personality in the fashion world, and why?

JC:   It’s so hard to narrow it down to one person. There are so many figures—designers, artists, and people on the street who influence me. No one person could dictate fashion because it comes from so many perspectives. If it didn’t we would all look the same. I do love what Alexander Wang is doing right now, taking basics to a whole new level with minimal details but have a huge impact. He’s from SF too, a huge plus in my book.

SFFAMA: What is different about San Francisco fashion compared to other metropolitan cities?

JC:  Variety.You have chic girls, hipsters, office professionals and then there are people who could care less about clothing, which is great because they remind us materialism isn’t everything. There is a lot of individuality and it shows through their clothing.

SFFAMA: What advice would you give to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs?

JC:  The best way to gain experience is to work at as many places as you can. That means interning, volunteering, and understanding retail from the outside in. I’ve had positions from a sales associate to an assistant stylist, taping the bottom of heels all day. I have always walked out of those positions with growth and a stronger resume. I’m currently a merchandise coordinator for one of the top leaders in the apparel industry and am still learning everyday.

Julie Chiem is a fashion industry professional by day, blogger by night. A trend-conscious enthusiast who’s inspired by endless possibilities on the runway and street wear across the globe. She carries an appreciation for individualism and innovation. Fashion has not only served as her profession, but as a creative outlet. She is not afraid to admit she’s a female addicted to retail.

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