#FASHIONTECHSF 2nd Year Anniversary Party Snapshots

@miratorres via instagram “Love these ladies! @ryzenbergon and @cynsugar. #geekstylelounge ”

 @stylemaven : about 8 hours ago,  SF Bloggers share inspiration behind their blogs…#fashiontechsf #geekstylelounge

@miratorres via instagram “#geekstylelounge @sffama fashion bloggers connect is happening now! ”

@sffama via twitpic @sfiec thank you for your beauty tips at last night’s#geekstylelounge #fashiontechsf

@miratorres via instagram “@ryzenbergon leather pants and velvet platforms. Gorgeous! #geekstylelounge @sffama ”

@himani: Panel time at #fashiontechsf – 8 hours ago via Echofon
@cynsugar @goingwest @fashionist + other handles I’m so sorry I’m forgetting!!! #geekstylelounge  (Taken with instagram)
@sfindiefashion via instagram “@cynsugar @goingwest @fashionist + other handles I’m so sorry I’m forgetting!!! #geekstylelounge ”
@WeddingPartyApp  At the Fashion and Tech 2.0 event in San Francisco! #fashiontechsf #sffama
@modaepidemic via owly
@Sheelvrat P. via foursquare

@boyishtv @sffama rad panel last night#fashionbloggers #fashiontechsf 2nd yr anniversary party

@modaepidemic via owly

@miratorres via instagram “@nolab3ll3 and I at #geekstylelounge!”

  • FASHION+TECHSF (formerly FashionMashup) is the longest running monthly workshop and event series in the San Francisco Bay Area focused synergistically on building, promoting and educating the vibrant community of fashion and technology entrepreneurs, designers, developers, bloggers, business professionals, students, investors and numerous enthusiastic companies, schools, groups and individuals who share our vision of a world-class fashion and technology industry that is innovative, disruptive and uniquely San Francisco.Our mission is to create educational, social and business opportunities for the fashion and technology industries. In the past two years, FASHION+TECHSF has become the leading network for all things fashion and technology in the SF Bay Area. For media relations, publicity, product promotionssponsorship opportunities, and booking info, please email Owen Geronimo at – contact@sffamainc.org

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