#FASHIONTECHSF 07.19.12 Twitter Recap

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@oboiko Welcome to our new@FashionTechRoom #fashiontechsf!

@GauriPendse Excited to hear the product presentations at #fashiontechsf

@SOLZshoes SOLZ puttin it down at #fashiontechsf !!!

@veeslavin at #fashiontechsf product presentations with @byuric. Quite a few interesting projects….

@karahugglestone Think big & take action! Go to experts in your field & ask them to be on your board. @atelierinvestors @fashiontech_sf #fashiontechsf

@HannaBoiko Enjoying #fashiontechsf event. Several amazing projects, including@RoundTeam!

@danegolden Enjoying the @fashiontech_sf meetup at Pigment #fashiontechsf

@SFMarketingGirl @RoundTeam – a free automatic retreat service of only relevant tweets for building communities. Very cool. @fashiontech_sf #fashiontechsf

@ArielSimoneMN Omg- learning about clothes folding robots and virtual fitting rooms❤ SF! #SFFAMA #fashiontechsf

@karahugglestone @UnpluggedGoods – Clever tech themed products for the plugged in lifestyle. @fashiontech_sf #fashiontechsf #startup

@karahugglestone @HipSwap – a mobile marketplace, sort of an EBay & Craigslist meets Pinterest. @fashiontech_sf #fashiontechsf #startup #fashion

@SFMarketingGirl @HipSwap – a mobile marketplace, sort of an EBay & Craigslist meets Pinterest. @fashiontech_sf #fashiontechsf #startup #fashion

@atelieradvisors Had fun talking to entrepreneurs about the ABCs of getting funded and the F word  w/ @fashiontech_sf @hipswap @flipslip

@galrozov @fashiontech_sf (@ One Market Plaza w/ 3 others)

@karahugglestone @owengeronimo @SFFAMA excellent @fashiontech_sf program! Especially enjoyed

@HipSwap @fld4me @SOLZshoes #startup It was very nice to meet you yesterday guys, thank you. Follow @FashionTechRoom to stay in touch!

FASHION+TECHSF [ http://www.fashiontechsf.org/ ] is the longest running monthly workshop and event series in the San Francisco Bay Area focused synergistically on building, promoting and educating the vibrant community of fashion and technology entrepreneurs, designers, developers, bloggers, business professionals, students, investors and numerous enthusiastic companies, schools, groups and individuals who share our vision of a world-class fashion and technology industry that is innovative, disruptive and uniquely San Francisco.

Our mission is to create educational, social and business opportunities for the fashion and technology industries. In the past two years, FASHION+TECHSF [ @fashiontech_sf ] has become the leading network for all things fashion and technology in the SF Bay Area.

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