From Trauma to Triumph – Post Traumatic Growth Disorder

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  • From Trauma to Triumph – Post Traumatic Growth Disorder

I believe the most important thing a human being can do is to learn to tell his or her story. Naturally, I was at home attending KC Baker’s School for the Well Spoken Woman LIVE, an event showcasing the speaking skills of KC Baker’s graduates.

Each speaker had overcome trauma, and found a way to turn it into a triumph. They each struggled with something in their lives – heartbreak, loss, depression, addiction, cancer and of course every day stressors. They each realized that if they kept these experiences bottled up, they would eventually explode.

  • It’s important for all of us to step out of denial and admit that we are flawed, broken and hurt.

Once we release pain, we have a new foundation to build upon. A natural reaction to trauma is depression. This is expected. What happens next is up to you. You don’t believe me? Post traumatic growth disorder, a term coined by psychologist Richard Tedeschi in 1995, describes this phenomenon, in which people grow from traumatic experiences. The human spirit has the ability to transform trauma into triumph. We simple need to direct ourselves onto that path.

  • We can transform every traumatic experience into triumph.

Marten Mickos started six companies before starting MySQL, only to have his US partner attempt to sue him out of business. He could have caved, but instead decided that he would push himself to find a solution and in turn grow. He dug deep, pulled together money to fight the lawsuit and went on to build MySQL into a game changer, which was acquired five years later by Sun for $1 billion.

R.H. Macy started seven failed businesses before finally hitting it big with Macy’s. With each failed business he learned more about the consumer mind set. His failures taught him that consumers wanted to be entertained. He started with the now famous in store Santas and inviting window displays and went on to produce the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a New York City tradition since 1924. Today, Macy’s has 800 profitable stores across the nation and a brand synonymous with family entertainment.

I believe that every tragedy is really the Universe helping us grow. Every traumatic experience is a triumph waiting to be discovered. We all have the power to grow from traumatic situations. We simple need to see the opportunities in our struggle. We need to find the lesson and believe we can turn our situation around. Last, but not least, we need to find the courage to make it happen.

~ Written by: LILI BALFOUR.

LILI BALFOUR is the founder of Atelier Advisors.  Atelier Advisors was founded by Lili Balfour in 2007 to provide strategic and financial advisory services to early-stage companies committed to changing the world. Over the past five years, Atelier has worked with over 100 companies, ranging from technology (Visual IQ, Sustainable Minds, Alpha Theory and Firescope) to consumer goods (Peeled Snacks, Duchess Marden, and PeaceKeeper Causemetics). Atelier’s motto is ‘Rethink Investment Banking.’ The firm was built on the belief that all companies, regardless of stage, should benefit from high level investment banking services.

Lili brings 20 years of investment industry experience — ranging from technology M&A to early-stage private placements – to early-stage client engagements. She believes that knowledge is power and arms her clients with the tools they need to win. Lili was listed in Femmenomics’ 50 Women to Watch in Tech List  and serves as a pro bono advisor to Inner City Advisors and Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable. You can read Atelier’s thoughts on raising capital, building a profitable company and exiting with a win here

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